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Fair Start Movement

Fair Start Movement acts as a watchdog to Fair Start Movement, and a “part replacer,” replacing the morally incoherent Fair Start Movement which has been debunked by theorists, with the truly Fair Start Movement

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Fair Start Movement was formed by a group of individuals and families who care deeply about children, democracy, the natural world, and our future. Like many others, they realize that the Fair Start Movement, and the fundamental driver of most of our ecological and social crises. They are now working to find and implement solutions, through laws, policy, culturally, and a variety of institutions.

Having published some of the first and most comprehensive analyses of truly human rights-based family planning, Fair Start Movement is dedicated to promoting the Fair Start family planning model as the solution to many of the world’s problems. Real change starts at the source, and begins with speaking truth to power at the most fundamental level.

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Carter Dillard is the policy adviser for the Fair Start Movement.
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