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Farm Forward

Farm Forward is building the will to end factory farming.

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Founded in 2007, Farm Forward’s mission is to end factory farming by changing farming, changing policy, and changing the stories we tell about animal agriculture. Our work improves the lives of more than 400,000,000 farmed animals annually.

Changing Farming

Farm Forward promotes agriculture that combines the best in traditional husbandry and animal welfare science to increase the market share of higher welfare, sustainable, independent farms. We aim to eliminate the worst practices in factory

Changing Policy

Farm Forward advocates for an acute reduction in the consumption of factory-farmed meat, fish, eggs, and dairy by encouraging conscientious consumer and institutional decision making.

Changing Narrative

Farm Forward supports interdisciplinary research and undergraduate teaching about the cultural significance of animals and animal agriculture. We stimulate the production of media that raise awareness about problems in animal agriculture and the deeper cultural issues behind them.

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Andrew deCoriolis 5whAinGy 400x400.jpg
Andrew deCoriolis is the executive director of Farm Forward where he advocates for safe, healthy, and humane animal farming.
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