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From Observatory
  • Nginx reverse proxy
  • Varnish HTTP cache
  • Redis object cache
  • Let'sEncrypt SSL Certificate auto renewal
  • Domain mail is configured
  • Article semantics and template
  • Autolinking titles if found in the text, eg.: Civil War #disabled after testing, affects page load speed badly
  • A tool to set different styling and to assign observers to different areas. See Property:Area
  • Random lists of authors and observers in the Area
  • Featured, New, Recently edited articles in the Area
  • A form to create authors’ biography pages
  • Installed Datatables
  • Search by tag (eg. Opinion) with subsequent sorting / filtering.
  • Logo, favicon, author photo placeholders
  • Templates to insert images and external videos in the article text
  • A form to add articles / edit article metadata.

Add an article

  • Simple voting system for articles [1].
  • Ability to setup breadcrumb links, contextually imitating a hierarchy
  • Control broken external link here
  • Skinning Work in progress

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. On a long run you might be interested in stars rating and contests extension.

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