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Laura Lee Cascada
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Laura Lee Cascada is the campaigns director for the Better Food Foundation and the founder of the Every Animal Project, a collection of true tales reshaping our relationship with animals.

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Laura Lee Cascada is the Campaigns Director for the Better Food Foundation, where she runs innovative campaigns to shift us to a plant-based food norm. She has a master’s degree in environmental policy from Johns Hopkins University and has spent the more than 15 years campaigning for a more sustainable world. Cascada is a published novelist and the founder of the Every Animal Project, a collection of true tales reshaping our relationship with animals.

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Laughing Through Severe Anxiety With My Soul Pup
Every Animal Project | 2024

The Dog Who Wooed at the World is the first anthology from The Every Animal Project, is the product of my grappling with the gaping hole in my heart, and my forward voyage into an uncertain future devoid of that therapeutic “woo!” when I needed it the most. It is my reckoning with the instability of life, the inevitability of death, and the uniquely human quest for order and answers, when perhaps a simple “woo!” would suffice. And it is a reflection on the courage Powder imbued in me to take some of the scariest steps of my life, including persisting after her death. Between its covers, you’ll find Powder and my twin tales of thriving through anxiety-inducing mental illnesses, as well as many more inspiring stories and photos of courageous animals like Powder from people around the world.

A Novel by Laura Lee Cascada
June 2019

When you’ve lived your entire life mired in filth, dreams are the only thing you can cling to. And inside her prison, lost in a sea of other girls, Delaware has one colossal dream revolving around a simple white baseball. But Dellie’s Run isn’t just a story of dreams–It dives into the grim lives of billions of beings who share our world, lives that most of us never see. And as you follow Dellie’s courageous journey, you’ll find that her prison isn’t quite so far away from your own backyard.

For my entire life, I have been moved and shaped by the power of words, and I believe that they truly can change lives and open hearts and minds. Four years ago, I began a journey to use my own words to share the truth about the oppressive animal agriculture system, which abuses and kills billions every year, through the eyes of a lovable, inquisitive, and headstrong character named Delaware.

Dellie’s Run will reach thousands of Americans who will love a good adventure about our nation’s greatest pastime, baseball–and through Dellie’s story, they will find a spark of compassion inside themselves they never knew they had.

Words can deeply touch our souls and cause us to reflect on our very foundations. This book will prompt many readers to think about the choices they make in their daily lives, and to begin choosing compassion three times each day.

Feature | September 2023

With support from Sentient Media, we at the Better Food Foundation analyzed eight major news outlets’ cooking sections to see if their recipe curation was as climate-conscious as their reporting.

Environmental journalism has improved significantly over the past two decades, but for most news outlets, animal agriculture remains a blindspot. A recent investigation analyzed 1,000 climate news articles and found that only seven percent mentioned the topic of animal agriculture, let alone animal agriculture’s contributions to climate change. We sought to determine whether news outlets’ recipe sections followed suit.

This webinar explored findings and shared insights from experts on media and food, including Food Network champion Priyanka Naik, journalist and advocate Bel Jacobs, Sentient Media’s Managing Editor Jenny Splitter, Better Food Foundation’s Senior Director of Campaigns Laura Cascada, and Plant Based Treaty’s communications director Nicola Harris.

Feature | October 2022

Nationally and globally, political leaders are waking up to the role animal agriculture and food plays in the climate and health crises. Now, New York City is trailblazing a healthier future by completely flipping the script on America’s harmful food norms—and serving plants by default. Will your city be next? Get involved at betterfoodfoundation.org/cities.

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