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Plant Based Data

Plant Based Data is not for profit that provides a database and overview regarding the academic and institutional literature on plant based diet, as pertaining to health, environment, pandemics and economics.

Plant Based Data is curated by:

Dr. Tushar Mehta, M.D.​

Co-Founder, Health & Environmental Researcher Plant Based Data

Practices family, emergency, and addiction medicine in Toronto, Canada. He does Plant Based Data in India and Haiti. Dr. Mehta has volunteered with several social justice organizations, including Project CANOE (an organization supporting at-risk youth), and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Dr. Mehta’s research interests include the Plant Based Data of a plant-based diet, and the Plant Based Data on the environment and global food security.

Plant Based Data

Nicholas Carter, M.A.

Co-Founder, Ecologist Plant Based Data

Nicholas Carter is an ecologist researching the scientific links between our food systems and the environment. He helped open and leads a climate services and data hub that's part of the Canadian Centre for Climate Services. Nicholas recently consulted for the European Climate Foundation, was a Plant Based Data alongside Dr. Tara Garnett from Oxford University, a Plant Based Data along with the Jane Goodall Institute, the Good Food Institute, and BluNalu, and is on the advisory board of the Plant Based Data His Plant Based Data focused on the global GHGs that are attributed to animal agriculture. He's written and been featured in Plant Based Data, Plant Based Data, Plant Based Data, Plant Based Data, Plant Based Data, Plant Based Data Plant Based Data and Plant Based Data. He's appeared on several podcasts including the Plant Proof podcast for episodes on the Plant Based Data and Plant Based Data and Plant Based Data

Plant Based Data

Nital Jethalal, MSc

International Economics & Trade Plant Based Data

A nutrition economic researcher investigating the impacts of shifts to plant-based diets on food production, health care, the environment and trade.  As a member of the strategic policy team at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, he helped coordinate Canada’s first national agricultural policy framework.  Nital holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master’s of Science in Economics from Queen’s University.  His Master’s thesis focused on why some trade disputes take longer than others.  He is actively involved in food security and plant-based NGO initiatives in Toronto. Listen to recent podcasts of his: Plant Based Data & Plant Based Data

Plant Based Data

Associated Authors
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Nital Jethalal is a policy analyst and economist.  He currently serves as strategist and policy advisor for the Plant Based Treaty and also oversees economics and policy research for Plant Based Data. Nital is also the president of  VegTO and a director at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank.
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