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American Rivers

It’s not just that rivers make our lives better. We can’t survive without them. American Rivers works to create a future of clean water and healthy rivers everywhere, for everyone.

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American Rivers works to create a future of clean water and healthy rivers everywhere, for everyone.

Who We Are

American Rivers believes a future of clean water and healthy rivers everywhere, for everyone is essential. Since 1973, we have protected wild rivers, restored damaged rivers and conserved clean water for people and nature. With headquarters in Washington, D.C. and 300,000 supporters, members and volunteers across the country, we are the most trusted and influential river conservation organization in the United States, delivering solutions for a better future.

Why We Stand With Rivers

Two-thirds of people in the United States get their drinking water from rivers. Rivers vitalize our economy, livelihoods and agriculture. Rivers are essential for wildlife and are the lifeblood of ecosystems. We boat and fish in them, walk alongside them. They lift our spirts and connect us to the natural world, and each other.

Rivers on the Frontlines

Rivers and freshwater ecosystems are among the most imperiled on earth. Rivers across our country are dammed, polluted and drained. People are using more water than rivers can provide — while some communities don’t have access to clean water. And the most existential threat of all — climate change — is putting the places that make us happy, the people we love and our health at risk.

All living things need rivers. And right now, our rivers need us like never before.

Our Priorities

American Rivers has been at the forefront of protecting and restoring rivers for nearly 50 years. We bring together the brightest minds in river and water conservation. Our national advocacy touches every stream in the country, while our local experts work locally on the most pressing challenges impacting specific rivers and communities.


We have restored fish and wildlife habitat by tearing down more than 200 dams on rivers nationwide. We have also permanently protected more than 150,000 miles of pristine rivers.


We invite local leaders, neighborhoods and cities big and small to dream with us — and lead on river conservation and water management solutions that work for both people and nature.


Human beings can survive without a lot of things. Safe, clean water isn’t one of them. We are the voice for rivers in the halls of Congress and a stalwart partner of local leaders to ensure clean water for all.

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