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David Fridley

David Fridley is a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a fellow of the Post Carbon Institute.

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David Fridley is a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), where he is deputy group leader of the China Energy Group. His work has involved extensive collaboration with China on end-use energy efficiency and modeling, industrial energy use, energy policy research, low-carbon city development, and energy supply assessment. He has published dozens of articles in peer-reviewed journals and authored chapters in three books. Prior to joining LBNL he was a consultant on downstream oil markets in the Asia-Pacific region and a business development manager for Caltex China. He is a fellow of the Post Carbon Institute.

Co-authors: Richard Heinberg | Post Carbon Institute | September 2018

How can the world’s nations reduce greenhouse gas emissions fast enough to forestall climate catastrophe, without undermining either the global economy (which is still 85 percent dependent on fossil fuels) or the hopes of billions of people in poorer countries to raise their economic prospects through “development”—which historically has depended on increasing per capita energy usage?

The authors explore this pressing question.

Co-authors: Richard Heinberg | Post Carbon Institute | June 2018

The headline of this article was composed simply by rephrasing the title of a popular recent piece in The Atlantic—“Climate Change Can Be Stopped by Turning Air into Gasoline”—as a question. That article, reporting on research by Harvard professor David Keith and colleagues, made a bold claim that, if true, suggests the global climate crisis can affordably be resolved with new technology. The authors set out to see whether Keith’s findings are as Earth-shaking as the article’s title suggests, or something a little less tectonically noticeable.

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Laying the Path for One Hundred Percent Clean Energy
Co-author: Richard Heinberg | Island Press | June 2016

In Our Renewable Future, energy expert Richard Heinberg and scientist David Fridley explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the inevitable shift to renewable energy. Beginning with a comprehensive overview of our current energy system, the authors survey issues of energy supply and demand in key sectors of the economy, including electricity generation, transportation, buildings, and manufacturing. In their detailed review of each sector, the authors examine the most crucial challenges we face, from intermittency in fuel sources to energy storage and grid redesign. The book concludes with a discussion of energy and equity and a summary of key lessons and steps forward at the individual, community, and national level.

Feature | August 2016

Post Carbon Institute Fellows Richard Heinberg and David Fridley gave a joint presentation to the Security & Sustainability Forum to share the key findings and takeaways from their 2016 book Our Renewable Future (now available for free online at ourrenewablefuture.org).

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