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Leslie Alan Horvitz

Leslie Alan Horvitz is an author and journalist specializing in science.

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Leslie Alan Horvitz is an author and journalist specializing in science. His nonfiction books include Eureka: Scientific Breakthroughs That Changed the World, Understanding Depression with Dr. Raymond DePaulo of Johns Hopkins University, and The Essential Book of Weather Lore. His articles have been published by Travel and Leisure, Scholastic, Washington Times, and Insight on the News, among others. He is also the author of several published suspense novels. Leslie has served on the board of Art Omi and is a member of PEN America. He is based in New York City. Find him online at lesliehorvitz.com.

Publications by this author


The Essential Book of Weatherlore (Reader’s Digest Press, 2007)

Weather Tracker (Baron’s Books, 2007)

Night Sky Tracker (Baron’s, 2006)

Encyclopedia of War Crimes and Genocide (Facts on File, April 2006; 2nd edition: 2011)

Meg Whitman: (Ferguson Career Biographies, 2006)

Wayne: An Abused Child’s Story of Courage, Survival and Hope with Wayne Theodore (Harbor Press, 2003)

Eureka: Scientific Discoveries That Changed the World (John Wiley, 2002; foreign editions: South Korea, Singapore, Portugal, Brazil)

Understanding Depression: What We Know and What You Can Do About It with Dr. Raymond DePaulo (John Wiley, 2002)

How to Teach Yourself Chess in 24 Hours with Paul Truong and Susan Polgar (Alpha, 2002)

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sharks with Mary Peachin (Alpha, scheduled for publication 2003)

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Evolution (Alpha, 2001)

Editor, The Quotable Scientist (McGraw-Hill, July 2000)

Level 4: Virus Hunters of the CDC with Joseph McCormick, MD and Susan Fisher-Hoch MD (Turner, 1996)

Editor/Writer, The Bifurcation of the Self by Robert W. Rieber (Springer, 2006)

Writer: "AIDS, Low Vision and Blindness" (The Lighthouse: New York Federation for the Blind, 1989)


Digital Journal

Insight on the News

The Washington Times

Scholastic Magazine: Science World

Providence Journal and Evening Bulletin

The Jerusalem Post

Travel & Leisure Magazine

Women's World

USAIR Magazine

Club Magazine

World, Book and Travel


SynBio (Open Road/Premier Digital, 2014; Crossroads 2021)

Causes Unknown

(Lynx, 1989; Dorchester, 2006)

German edition: Droemer Knaur; 1990;

Japanese edition: Hayakawa, 1990;

UK edition: New English Library, 1990

The Dying (Popular Library, 1987; Dorchester, 2007; Crossroads, 2021)

German edition: Droemer Knaur, 1988

The Network

(German edition: Droemer Knaur, 1993)

The Road to Penang:

(German edition: Droemer Knaur, 1992)


Blood Moon

(Pocket Books, 1987)

German edition: Droemer Knaur, 1988

Norwegian edition: Bokforlaget, 1988;

Polish edition: Phantom, 1989


DoubleBlinded with H. Harris Gerhard (Signet, 1984, Crossroads 2021)

UK edition: Star, 1985; German edition: Droemer Knaur, 1988;

Hungarian edition: Konyvklado, 1994

The Donors with H. Gerhard (Signet, 1982n Crossroads 2021)

UK edition: Star, 1983; German edition: Droemer Knaur, 1988

The Compton Effect with H. Gerhard (Signet, 1979)

UK edition: Sphere, 1980; German edition: Droemer Knaur, 1988

The Jerusalem Conspiracy (Dell, 1978)

German edition: Droemer Knaur, 1988

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