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Vicky Bond
Activist. Scientist. Veterinarian. Writer

Vicky Bond is a veterinary surgeon, animal welfare scientist, and the president of The Humane League.

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As a doctor of veterinary science and animal welfare scientist, Vicky Bond, PhD, has spent more than a decade advocating for the rights of animals.

In 2022, Vicky became the first female president of The Humane League, a global animal protection nonprofit that exists to end the abuse of animals raised for food through institutional and individual change.

Vicky is an experienced veterinarian with a background in animal science, corporate engagement, and welfare campaigns—working as a vet tech from the time she was fourteen. From 2016-2021, Vicky led The Humane League United Kingdom as managing director during a time of impressive growth and impact. Under Bond’s leadership, cage-free egg commitments were secured by every major food company in the United Kingdom and a bid for cage-free legislation was read by the European Parliament. More than 100 food companies in the UK and the European Union, including Kentucky Fried Chicken, agreed to improve their treatment of chickens raised for meat in line with the Better Chicken Commitment. Vicky also helped The Humane League UK emerge as a pioneer in fish welfare, running the first ever Aquatic Animal Welfare Conference.

Follow Vicky on Twitter: @vickybond_THL.

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