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Gary M. Feinman

Gary M. Feinman is a MacArthur curator of Mesoamerican, Central American, and East Asian anthropology at the Negaunee Integrative Research Center in Chicago, Illinois.

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Gary M. Feinman is the MacArthur curator of Mesoamerican, Central American, and East Asian anthropology at the Negaunee Integrative Research Center.

Feinman is the author of over a dozen books, and a contributor and editor of many scholarly journals.

Feinman presently co-directs two international archaeological field projects: excavations at Lambityeco (in the Mexican state of Oaxaca) and settlement surveys in coastal Shandong Province, China. The Lambityeco project examines the Classic period economy in the Valley of Oaxaca, the functioning and eventual collapse of the Classic period polity centered at Monte Albán, and the reorganization of the region in the subsequent Postclassic period. Meanwhile the Shandong study is focused on the rise of hierarchical polities in the region, the eventual incorporation of this area into empires centered to the west of Shandong, and the documentation of settlement and demographic change in this coastal setting over millennia. Field dispatches from Feinman’s earlier work in Oaxaca and China are available through the Field Museum archives. 

Feinman is also co-curator of the Field Museum's permanent Ancient Americas exhibition, which highlights the peoples in the Western Hemisphere prior to the late 15th century. And he co-curates the Field Museum's successful exhibition Chocolate, which has traveled around the United States to 22 venues and is now on a global tour.

Archaeological Institute of America, Volume 55, Number 5. September/October 2002.

April 2022

Coalition for Archaeological Synthesis.

Publications by this author

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