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Rivers Are Key to Restoring the World’s BiodiversityAlessandra Korap Munduruku
Darryl Knudsen
Irikefe V. Dafe
Environmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:29Anton Krom
How to Make Recyclable Plastics Out of CO2 to Slow Climate ChangeAnn Leslie DavisEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:35Anton Krom
The Danger of Releasing Genetically Modified Trees Into the WildAnne PetermannEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:45Anton Krom
Why the World’s Most Popular Herbicide Is a Public Health HazardCaroline CoxEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:53:22Anton Krom
Populist Climate Action Requires Thinking About Freedom From Specific Oppressors—Not Just Species SurvivalCarter DillardEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:22Anton Krom
Better Family Planning Can Improve Public Health, Inequality and the EnvironmentCarter DillardEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:50:49Anton Krom
8 Billion Humans? Population Is a Difficult Conversation, But Let's Have OneCarter DillardEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:50:38Anton Krom
Have Nonprofits Misled Supporters by Hiding Unsustainable Growth Policies?Carter DillardEnvironmenttrue14 July 2023 17:57:10Reynard Loki
Human Overpopulation Is a Key Driver Behind Some of Humanity’s Biggest ChallengesCarter DillardEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:14Anton Krom
The Global Push for Population Growth Shows We’re Not Grappling With the Climate CrisisCarter DillardEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:46Anton Krom
Why Small Farming Is Essential for Creating a Sustainable FutureChris SmajeEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:53:19Anton Krom
Carbon Capture Is a Potential Weapon Against Climate ChangeDan RossEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:50:51Anton Krom
Should Humans Try to Modify the Amount of Sunlight the Earth Receives?Dan RossEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:32Anton Krom
Is 100 Percent Renewable Energy Attainable?Dan RossEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:50:50Anton Krom
Indigenous Land Management Practices Are a Blueprint for Climate-Resilient AgricultureDan RossEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:21Anton Krom
How Land Use Is a Tool for Solving Climate ChangeDan RossEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:50:39Anton Krom
How Factory Farms Pollute the Environment and Poison Drinking WaterDan RossEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:20Anton Krom
Medicine Residue Is Everywhere in Our Rivers and Lakes—and Fish Are Behaving StrangelyDan RossEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:03Anton Krom
A Quick Guide to Creating a Wildlife Sanctuary in Your Own BackyardJim Cubie
Doug Tallamy
Daniel Klem Jr.
Environmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:24Anton Krom
How Europe Is Depleting U.S. Forests in the Name of Fighting Climate ChangeDanna SmithEnvironmenttrue31 July 2023 15:50:31Reynard Loki
Damming Rivers Is Terrible for Human Rights, Ecosystems and Food SecurityDeborah Moore
Michael Simon
Darryl Knudsen
Environmenttrue7 March 2024 18:50:59Anton Krom
We Need a Plan for the Transition to Renewable EnergyDavid Fridley
Richard Heinberg
Environmenttrue14 March 2024 16:39:13Reynard Loki
Nanoplastics Are Entering Our BodiesErica CirinoEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:07Anton Krom
How the Acequia Ancient Irrigation Method Makes Sustainable Life Possible in the U.S. SouthwestErika SchelbyEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:26Anton Krom
Keeping Cattle on Public Land Is Bad for People, Cows, Wildlife, and the PlanetErika SchelbyEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:58Anton Krom
Sustainability Is Not as New an Idea as You Might Think—It’s More Than 300 Years OldErika SchelbyEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:40Anton Krom
Meet Alexander von Humboldt, the First Person to Understand Climate Change—More Than Two Centuries AgoErika SchelbyEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:03Anton Krom
Unchecked Human Activity Is Pushing Ecosystems Toward the BrinkErika SchelbyEnvironmenttrue3 April 2024 00:51:42Reynard Loki
Our Planet Versus Plastic Bags—A Tale of Two CitiesErika SchelbyEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:12Anton Krom
10 Reasons Why Hydropower Isn’t a Climate SolutionJosh Klemm
Eugene Simonov
Environmenttrue7 March 2024 18:50:35Anton Krom
Is Wastewater an Answer for Adapting to Climate Change?Freddie ClaytonEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:51Anton Krom
Why Las Vegas Is at the Heart of Western States’ Water ConundrumsFreddie ClaytonEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:53:19Anton Krom
The Southwest Offers Blueprints for the Future of Wastewater ReuseFreddie ClaytonEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:52Anton Krom
The Myth That Meat Is Essential for Human Health Could Harm Us AllJennifer BarckleyEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:49Anton Krom
Veganic Farming: How My Tiny Plot Produced 5,000 Pounds of Food Without Using ManureJimmy VideleEnvironmenttrue3 April 2024 01:01:14Reynard Loki
Animal-Free Agriculture Is Key to Restoring BiodiversityJimmy VideleEnvironmenttrue19 March 2024 18:00:33Reynard Loki
Carbon Farming: A Sustainable Agriculture Technique That Keeps Soil Healthy and Combats Climate ChangeJohn J. BergerEnvironmenttrue11 April 2024 12:01:56Anton Krom
How the Camp Lejeune Justice Act 2022 Can Help Veterans Impacted by Toxic ExposureJonathan SharpEnvironmenttrue23 December 2022 22:07:08Anton Krom
How Media Companies Can Meet Their Climate Commitments—and How Readers Can HelpLaura Lee CascadaEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:22Anton Krom
Palm Oil in Common Household Products Is Destroying the World’s ‘Orangutan Capital’Laurel SutherlinEnvironmenttrue20 November 2023 18:23:34Reynard Loki
The Nuclear Energy Dilemma: Climate Savior or Existential Threat?Leslie Alan HorvitzEnvironmenttrue5 March 2024 21:23:31Anton Krom
Ninety-Nine Percent of Seabirds Will Have Plastic in Their Guts Within DecadesLorraine ChowEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:08Anton Krom
We Ignore Thousands of Threatened Plant Species at Our PerilLorraine ChowEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:53:11Anton Krom
Why Women Are More Likely to Be Environmentalists Than MenLucy Goodchild van HiltenEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:53:21Anton Krom
How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change (and Have Fun, Too)Lucy Goodchild van HiltenEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:38Anton Krom
Climate Change Is Boosting Plant Pollens and Human Seasonal AllergiesLucy Goodchild van HiltenEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:50:56Anton Krom
7 Ways You Can Address the Plastic Crisis Without Relying on RecyclingLydia ChodoshEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:53:10Anton Krom
Yemen’s Socotra Archipelago: The UAE’s Occupation and Destruction of a World Heritage SiteMouna Hashem
Martha Mundy
Environmenttrue7 March 2024 18:53:24Anton Krom
Why Recycling Plastic Is Not EasyMary MazzoniEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:43Anton Krom
Our Coffee Addiction Is Destroying the EnvironmentMelissa Kravitz HoeffnerEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:23Anton Krom
Toxic Chemicals in Food Packaging Weaken the Immune System ResponseMelissa Kravitz HoeffnerEnvironmenttrue11 April 2024 14:54:17Reynard Loki
Guide to Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Organic and Vegan WineMelissa Kravitz HoeffnerEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:19Anton Krom
Methane: The Forgotten Climate Change Driver That’s Poisoning Frontline CommunitiesReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:05Anton Krom
Whole Foods and McDonald’s Are Fueling the Massive Dead Zone in the Gulf of MexicoReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:53:15Anton Krom
Humanity’s Main Environmental Problem Is Consumption—Climate Change Is a ByproductReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:43Anton Krom
Should Harming Mother Earth Be a Crime? The Case for EcocideReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue12 April 2024 14:24:17Reynard Loki
‘Sacrifice Zones’: The New ‘Jim Crow’ That’s Sickening and Killing People of ColorReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:53:26Anton Krom
The Potential Impact of Wireless Technology on WildlifeReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:53:04Anton Krom
How We Can Protect the Air Despite the Supreme Court’s West Virginia v. EPA DecisionReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:13Anton Krom
Wildfires Aren’t Just a Threat to People—They’re Killing Off Earth’s BiodiversityReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:53:23Anton Krom
Palm Oil: The Ingredient Behind Human Rights Abuses and Eco-Destruction That’s Probably in Your Home Right NowReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:14Anton Krom
The Case for Protecting the Tongass National Forest, America’s ‘Last Climate Sanctuary’Reynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:41Anton Krom
Kids Are Really Worried About the Climate CrisisReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:59Anton Krom
We Can Prevent Pandemics by Shutting Down Live Animal MarketsReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:59Anton Krom
Is Eating Locally and in Season Actually Better for the Environment?Reynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:03Anton Krom
Why Healthy Forests Mean Fewer PandemicsReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:53:18Anton Krom
Our Food System Is the Bullseye for Solving the World’s Climate ChallengesReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:05Anton Krom
Exposing the Climate Hypocrisy of International Insurance CompaniesReynard LokiEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:51:10Anton Krom
Can Humanity Make a Shift to a Less Pollutive Energy System?Richard HeinbergEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:50:50Anton Krom
Why Artificial Intelligence Must Be Stopped NowRichard HeinbergEnvironmenttrue3 April 2024 01:02:13Reynard Loki
The Renewable Energy Transition Is FailingRichard HeinbergEnvironmenttrue14 July 2023 17:52:45Reynard Loki
Water Conflicts Across Africa Threaten Security, Health, and the EnvironmentRobin ScherEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:50:42Anton Krom
The Impact of Plastic on Human HealthRobin ScherEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:52:20Anton Krom
The Internet Is a Major Environmental ProblemRobin ScherEnvironmenttrue22 August 2023 17:11:11Reynard Loki
What’s So Green About Burning Trees? The False Promise of Biomass EnergySam DavisEnvironmenttrue25 March 2024 23:47:12Reynard Loki
How Unclear Federal Law Allows Logging, Farming, and Mining to Threaten U.S. EcosystemsSam DavisEnvironmenttrue11 July 2023 15:36:55Reynard Loki
600 Million Metric Tons of Plastic May Fill Oceans by 2036Tina CaseyEnvironmenttrue7 March 2024 18:50:37Anton Krom
Why We Should Change How We Talk About Nonhuman AnimalsAlicia Graef
Debra Merskin
Carrie P. Freeman
Animal Rightstrue3 April 2024 00:53:56Reynard Loki
How to Decode Humane Food Labels at the SupermarketAndrew deCoriolisAnimal Rightstrue8 January 2024 16:39:38Reynard Loki
How Cities Around the World Are Adapting to Better Food SystemsAnita Krajnc
Laura Lee Cascada
Nital Jethalal
Animal Rightstrue5 February 2024 12:56:54Reynard Loki
Why Are Wild Horses Brutally Uprooted From Public Lands While Private Livestock Can Stay?Ginger FedakAnimal Rightstrue19 July 2023 18:36:38Reynard Loki
The Dairy Industry Is Determined to Pour Itself Down Our ThroatsJennifer BarckleyAnimal Rightstrue3 April 2024 16:44:06Reynard Loki
Would Dogs Be Better Off Without Us?Jessica Pierce
Marc Bekoff
Animal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:53:23Anton Krom
Why Ecosystems Need Healthy Populations of Apex Predators to Be RestoredJimmy VideleAnimal Rightstrue3 April 2024 01:00:36Reynard Loki
A Lesson of Coronavirus: Hunting Wildlife Can Be DeadlyJosh BalkAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:50:41Anton Krom
Why Chickens Deserve Our RespectKaren DavisAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:50:54Anton Krom
The Palm Oil Industry Is Pushing Critically Endangered Elephants to ExtinctionLaurel SutherlinAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:52:51Anton Krom
You’re Not So Different From an Octopus: Rethinking Our Relationship to AnimalsLeslie Crawford
Sy Montgomery
Animal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:53:25Anton Krom
Cruelty-Free Fashion: Growing Leather Without AnimalsLucy Goodchild van HiltenAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:50:56Anton Krom
The World’s Coffee Shops Have Emerged as Plant Milk’s Front LineMikhala KaseweterAnimal Rightstrue3 April 2024 00:55:18Reynard Loki
Guide to Animal Rights Protections Around the WorldNina JackelAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:51:41Anton Krom
Global Pet Craze Is Becoming a Major Contributor to the Extinction CrisisPeter ChristieAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:52:19Anton Krom
On Primate Research, the U.S. Is ‘Out of Step’ With the Rest of the WorldReynard LokiAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:52:09Anton Krom
PPE May Save Human Lives, but It’s Deadly for WildlifeReynard LokiAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:52:13Anton Krom
Investigation Exposes Animal Abuse at U.S. Supplier to World’s Largest Meat CompanyReynard LokiAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:51:48Anton Krom
How to Fix Our Food SystemReynard LokiAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:52:11Anton Krom
The Terrible True Cost of Milk, Cheese, Butter, and Ice CreamReynard LokiAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:52:53Anton Krom
What Factory Farm Conditions Do to Animals—Including HumansTia SchwabAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:51:11Anton Krom
The Meat Industry Has Created a False Dichotomy That Pits People Against AnimalsVicky BondAnimal Rightstrue7 March 2024 18:52:47Anton Krom
The Animal Feed Industry’s Impact on the PlanetVicky BondAnimal Rightstrue4 March 2024 01:30:58Reynard Loki

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