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1,3-Dichloropropene: The Dangerous, Sweet-Smelling Pesticide You’ve Never Heard Of
10 Reasons Why Hydropower Isn’t a Climate Solution
21 Ways to Divest from the War Economy
21st Century Capitalism Explainer
600 Million Metric Tons of Plastic May Fill Oceans by 2036
7 Ways You Can Address the Plastic Crisis Without Relying on Recycling
8 Billion Humans? Population Is a Difficult Conversation, But Let's Have One
A Historical Case for Why the EU Could Endure for More Than 1,000 Years
A Lesson of Coronavirus: Hunting Wildlife Can Be Deadly
A Quick Guide to Creating a Wildlife Sanctuary in Your Own Backyard
Advances in Archaeology Allow Us to Understand Political Evolution and Social Change in Deep Time
Air Pollution Is Killing Millions and Rising Exponentially—A Shift in Agriculture Can Solve It
Alternatives to Policing
An Ancient Recipe for Social Success
Animal-Free Agriculture Is Key to Restoring Biodiversity
Archaeology Is Flipping the Script on What We Know About Ancient Mesoamerica
Are Community Schools the Last, Best Shot at Addressing Education Inequity?
Are Plant-Eaters Smarter and More Empathetic Than Meat-Eaters?
Are Western Oligarchies a Long Detour of Civilization?
Better Family Planning Can Improve Public Health, Inequality and the Environment
Big Banks Break Their Climate Promises by Propping Up Big Meat
Can Humanity Make a Shift to a Less Pollutive Energy System?
Can Teething Predict How Fast You Will Grow?
Can You Reset Your Biological Age to Live a Longer, Healthier Life?
Carbon Capture Is a Potential Weapon Against Climate Change
Carbon Farming: A Sustainable Agriculture Technique That Keeps Soil Healthy and Combats Climate Change
Climate Change Is Boosting Plant Pollens and Human Seasonal Allergies
Climate Crises Can Lead to Improved Social Cooperation and Economy
Coins and Temples in the Ancient World
Community Care Systems in Boston Inspired by bell hooks
Community Schools Can Revitalize the Neighborhoods Around Them
Community Schools Were Succeeding in Oakland, But the District Shut Them Down Anyway
Connecting With Nature Is a Path to Finding Joy in Life
Corporations Are Turning Public Schools Into Their Workforce Training ‘Pipelines’
Costa Rica: The New Grand Tour
Cruelty-Free Fashion: Growing Leather Without Animals
Damming Rivers Is Terrible for Human Rights, Ecosystems and Food Security
Debt Forgiveness in the Bronze Age
Debt in Ancient Greece
Discarding Old Theories on the Path to Finding the First Humans Outside Africa
Do Grandmothers Hold the Key to Understanding Human Evolution?
Don’t Fall for the Fake Minimum Wage Debate
Eight Themes in Mesopotamia’s Evolving Labor-Shaped Economies
Exposing the Climate Hypocrisy of International Insurance Companies
Facing a Surge in Wildfires, the U.S. Government Turned to Native Wisdom and Advanced Archaeology
Financial Fraud, Malfeasance, and Ineptitude Plague Federal Government Charter Schools Program
Finding the Roots of Religion in Human Prehistory
Food Companies Intentionally Make Their Products Addictive, and It’s Leading to Chronic Diseases
Free Market Ideology Compared to the Principles of Near Eastern Rulership
Global Pet Craze Is Becoming a Major Contributor to the Extinction Crisis
Greene Street Artists Coop Is a Haven for Philadelphia Creatives
Guide to Animal Rights Protections Around the World
Guide to Factory-Farmed Chickens: Animal Cruelty on a Massive Scale
Guide to Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Organic and Vegan Wine
Have Nonprofits Misled Supporters by Hiding Unsustainable Growth Policies?
How Artists Stand on the Front Lines of Political Resistance in America
How Banks and Investors Are Fueling a Global Biodiversity Crisis
How Billionaire Charter School Funders Corrupted the School Leadership Pipeline
How Bioenergy Causes Air Pollution
How California’s Farmers and Ranchers Could Lead the Way to Climate Resilience
How Can We Understand the Passage of Time?
How Capitalism’s Defenders and Propagandists Defend It From Criticism
How Cities Around the World Are Adapting to Better Food Systems
How Collectives Empower People to Understand the Financial Side of Life
How Community Schools Can Transform Parent Involvement for the Better
How Elite Infighting Made the Magna Carta
How Europe Is Depleting U.S. Forests in the Name of Fighting Climate Change
How Factory Farms Pollute the Environment and Poison Drinking Water
How Greek Coinage Democratized the Character of Money
How Land Use Is a Tool for Solving Climate Change
How Long Has Humanity Been at War With Itself?
How Making Space for Grief Can Promote Community Healing
How Media Companies Can Meet Their Climate Commitments—and How Readers Can Help
How One Podcast Provides a Platform for Those Putting the Planet and People Over Profit
How People Are Fighting the World’s Reliance on the War Economy
How Practices of Care Can Support Activists to Endure
How Prehistoric Humans Discovered Fire Making
How Science Fiction Can Inspire Environmentalism and Climate Action
How Teachers and Organizers Challenged the First U.S. Education Savings Account Voucher Program
How Three New Museums Are Teaching the World About a Paradigm Shift in Our Understanding of Human Origins
How Unclear Federal Law Allows Logging, Farming, and Mining to Threaten U.S. Ecosystems
How We Can Protect the Air Despite the Supreme Court’s West Virginia v. EPA Decision
How a 20th-Century Family Planning Agenda Fueled the Climate Crisis
How a Neighborhood Co-op Started by Teens Helped Communities Around the U.S. Adopt Solar Power
How the Acequia Ancient Irrigation Method Makes Sustainable Life Possible in the U.S. Southwest
How the Camp Lejeune Justice Act 2022 Can Help Veterans Impacted by Toxic Exposure
How the Constitution Fails to Protect the Environment
How the Crusades Shaped Finance in the West
How the Food Industry Uses Big Tobacco’s Playbook
How to Decode Humane Food Labels at the Supermarket
How to Fix Our Food System
How to Localize Our Food Systems
How to Make Recyclable Plastics Out of CO2 to Slow Climate Change
How to Solve the Big Problems That Small Family Farms Are Facing
How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change (and Have Fun, Too)
Human Overpopulation Is a Key Driver Behind Some of Humanity’s Biggest Challenges
Humanity’s Main Environmental Problem Is Consumption—Climate Change Is a Byproduct
Hummingbirds Are in Rapid Decline
Hyperprosociality: A Compelling Theory to Explain a Key Trait of Modern Humans
Indigenous Land Management Practices Are a Blueprint for Climate-Resilient Agriculture
Inside the Chaotic Charter Schools Run by a For-Profit Company
Investigation Exposes Animal Abuse at U.S. Supplier to World’s Largest Meat Company
Is 100 Percent Renewable Energy Attainable?
Is Eating Locally and in Season Actually Better for the Environment?
Is Wastewater an Answer for Adapting to Climate Change?
Is ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ Possible?
Is ‘The Daily Show’ a Fool or a Tool of War?
It’s Not Just Ideology: Why the U.S. Is Hard-Wired to Be Hostile to Autocratic Regimes
Keeping Cattle on Public Land Is Bad for People, Cows, Wildlife, and the Planet
Kids Are Really Worried About the Climate Crisis
Learning From History, If We Dare
Lessons From Mutual Aid in Social Justice and Survival
Local Alternatives to Fossil Fuels and Big Polluters
Local Peace Economy 101
Mainstream Ideology Defends Creditor Claims Over the Indebted Economy
Malawi’s Farmers Face a Precarious Future From Climate Change-Related Storms
Medicine Residue Is Everywhere in Our Rivers and Lakes—and Fish Are Behaving Strangely
Meet Alexander von Humboldt, the First Person to Understand Climate Change—More Than Two Centuries Ago
Methane: The Forgotten Climate Change Driver That’s Poisoning Frontline Communities
Millions of People Freecycle Instead of Buying New
Modern (Mis)interpretations of Clean Slates
Nanoplastics Are Entering Our Bodies
Navigating the Energy Transition: Renewables Abound, but Grid Challenges Loom
Ninety-Nine Percent of Seabirds Will Have Plastic in Their Guts by 2050
Obscene Wealth Is a Social Problem
On Primate Research, the U.S. Is ‘Out of Step’ With the Rest of the World
Our Ancient Relationship With Red Ocher and the Color of Cognition
Our Coffee Addiction Is Destroying the Environment
Our Food System Is the Bullseye for Solving the World’s Climate Challenges
Our Planet Versus Plastic Bags—A Tale of Two Cities
Our Times Call for Managing Complexities, Not Solving Problems
Our World Is in a Multifront Crisis—It’s Time to Cultivate a Local Peace Economy
Outdated Narratives Have Humanity in a Downward Spiral—It’s Time to Tell ‘Stories for Life’
PPE May Save Human Lives, but It’s Deadly for Wildlife
Palm Oil in Common Household Products Is Destroying the World’s ‘Orangutan Capital’
Palm Oil: The Ingredient Behind Human Rights Abuses and Eco-Destruction That’s Probably in Your Home Right Now
Parallels Between Archaic Entrepots and Modern Offshore Banking Centers
Philadelphia Homeless Residents’ Unprecedented Grassroots Housing Victory
Plastic Pollution Is a Crime Against People and the Planet
Populist Climate Action Requires Thinking About Freedom From Specific Oppressors—Not Just Species Survival
Prepared Learning: What Are Humans Hard-Wired for at Birth?
Private Enterprise Originated in Public Institutions
Procter & Gamble, Mondelēz and Nestlé Are Among 10 of the Leading Consumer Brands Driving Global Deforestation
Profit Trumps People and Planet in Brazil’s Eucalyptus Industry
Property and Debt in Ancient Rome
Public Libraries Remain Essential Despite Defunding and Privatization
Red Earth Farms Is Proof That Intentional Communities Can Succeed
Republicans Learn to Promote Fascism at the Feet of a Master (Hint: It's Not Trump)
Rivers Are Key to Restoring the World’s Biodiversity
Roman Oligarchs Avoided Tax Liability and Restrictions on Land Size
Seven Features of Ancient Enterprise
Should Harming Mother Earth Be a Crime? The Case for Ecocide Laws
Should Humans Try to Modify the Amount of Sunlight the Earth Receives?
Six Questions for a World That Seems to Be Losing Interest in Democracy
Smothered by Riches: A History of the Corporate Takeover That Came After the Powell Memo
Socialist or Capitalist—What Is China’s Model, Exactly?
Some Myths Regarding the Genesis of Enterprise
Sperm Whales Have Culture Too: Strong Evidence That Clans, Culture, and Dialects Are Not Unique to Humans
Sustainability Is Not as New an Idea as You Might Think—It’s More Than 300 Years Old
Telling The ‘Untold’ Stories Of Palestinian Lives, Dreams, And Hopes—In Gaza And Beyond
Terms That Are Frequently Used to Describe Capitalism Simply Don’t Hold Up Under Scrutiny
The Activist Success Story Behind the Biggest Dam Removal Deal In U.S. History
The Adaptive Value of Teenagers: How Peer Learning Contributes to Primate Success
The Ancient Patterns of Migration
The Animal Feed Industry’s Impact on the Planet
The Art of Building a Human-Hawk Relationship
The Case for Protecting the Tongass National Forest, America’s ‘Last Climate Sanctuary’
The Centers of Global Capitalism Are Migrating Away From the U.S., Europe and Japan
The Community Schools Model
The Cradle of Humanity
The Dairy Industry Is Determined to Pour Itself Down Our Throats
The Danger of Releasing Genetically Modified Trees Into the Wild
The Different Ways That the U.S. and Chinese Governments Use Their Power to Regulate Capitalism
The Double Edge Theater’s Project to ‘Rematriate Land’
The Evolution of the Human Pair Bond
The Function of the University in a Time of Crisis
The Global Push for Population Growth Shows We’re Not Grappling With the Climate Crisis
The Growing Movement to Bring Back Community Grief and Ritual
The Humble Carrot’s Colorful History
The Impact of Plastic on Human Health
The Inspiring Movement to Build for Climate Resiliency
The Internet Is a Major Environmental Problem
The Legacy of Betsy DeVos on Public Education
The Lessons of Ancient Entrepreneurship
The Meat Industry Has Created a False Dichotomy That Pits People Against Animals
The Mesopotamian Origin of Debt
The Monetary Role of Silver in Sumer
The Moneyless Economy in the USA
The New Cold War and the Risk of Nuclear Annihilation
The New Grand Tour
The Nuclear Energy Dilemma: Climate Savior or Existential Threat?
The Palm Oil Industry Is Pushing Critically Endangered Elephants to Extinction
The Potential Impact of Wireless Technology on Wildlife
The Power of Poetry to Move Us to Love in Times of Human Cruelty
The Privatization of Law, Religion and Culture
The Relevance of Ancient History to Modern Economic Crises
The Renewable Energy Transition Is Failing
The Southwest Offers Blueprints for the Future of Wastewater Reuse
The Supreme Court’s Clean Water Act Decision Threatens the Nation’s Rivers
The Terrible True Cost of Milk, Cheese, Butter, and Ice Cream
The Truth About Markets, Pillar of Capitalist Ideology
The U.S. Is Borrowing Its Way to Fascism
The World’s Coffee Shops Have Emerged as Plant Milk’s Front Line
There Are Better Ways for Societies to Address Inflation Than by Hiking Interest Rates
These U.S. Banks Are Financing Climate Chaos Through Fossil Fuel Expansion
Tool Lending Libraries Allow Us to Rethink What We Are Willing to Share
Toxic Chemicals in Food Packaging Weaken the Immune System Response
Unchecked Human Activity Is Pushing Ecosystems Toward the Brink
Understanding Zoonotic Diseases: How Humans Get Sick From Nonhuman Animals
Understanding the Basics of 21st-Century Democracy, Autocracy, and Capitalism
Understanding the Solidarity Economy and Just Transition
Veganic Farming: How My Tiny Plot Produced 5,000 Pounds of Food Without Using Manure
Voting Systems: How They Work, Vulnerabilities, and Mitigation
War Is Not Inevitable—A More Peaceful Future Is Possible
War Is Weaponized Confusion
Was the Sphere the First Geometrical Form Made by Humans?
Water Conflicts Across Africa Threaten Security, Health, and the Environment
We Can Prevent Pandemics by Shutting Down Live Animal Markets
We Did Not Evolve to Be Selfish—and Humans Are Increasingly Aware We Can Choose How Our Cultures Can Evolve
We Ignore Thousands of Threatened Plant Species at Our Peril
We Need a Plan for the Transition to Renewable Energy
What China Learned From U.S. Capitalism’s Development
What Does Play Tell Us About Human Evolution?
What Factory Farm Conditions Do to Animals—Including Humans
What Google Street View Can Say About the Quality of Life in Your Neighborhood
What Is the Common Good?
What Was Humanity’s First Cultural Revolution?
What’s So Green About Burning Trees? The False Promise of Biomass Energy
Where Did Vladimir Putin’s Dream Of a ‘Russian World’ Come From?
Where Do Living Creatures Get Their Sense of Rhythm?
Whole Foods, Tyson Foods, and McDonald’s Are Fueling the Massive Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico
Why Are Archaeologists Unable to Find Evidence of a Ruling Class for the Indus Civilization?
Why Are Wild Horses Brutally Uprooted From Public Lands While Private Livestock Can Stay?
Why Artificial Intelligence Must Be Stopped Now
Why COVID-19 Proved Children Need Physical Schools, Not Virtual Education
Why Capitalism Is in Constant Conflict With Democracy
Why Charter Schools Open Where They Do—And Why That’s a Problem
Why Chickens Deserve Our Respect
Why Culture Is Not the Only Tool for Defining Homo sapiens in Relation to Other Hominins
Why Does Everything the GOP Touches Cause Poverty, Disease and Death?
Why Does Our Skin Wrinkle in Water?
Why Ecosystems Need Healthy Populations of Apex Predators to Be Restored
Why Healthy Forests Mean Fewer Pandemics
Why Humanity Should Look to Its Roots as We Revillage Our Towns and Cities
Why Las Vegas Is at the Heart of Western States’ Water Conundrums
Why Recycling Plastic Is Not Easy
Why Small Farming Is Essential for Creating a Sustainable Future
Why Support for Artists Is Key to a Just Society
Why There Is a Growing Student Absentee Rate—and How Community Schools Can Fix It
Why We Should Change How We Talk About Nonhuman Animals
Why Women Are More Likely to Be Environmentalists Than Men
Why Yoga Teachers Say the Practice Is Essential for Challenging Times
Why the Neoliberal Agenda Is a Failure at Fighting Coronavirus
Why the U.S. Culture of Colonial Extraction Is Making People Sick and Destroying the Planet
Why the World’s Most Popular Herbicide Is a Public Health Hazard
Wildfires Aren’t Just a Threat to People—They’re Killing Off Earth’s Biodiversity
Would Dogs Be Better Off Without Us?
Yemen’s Socotra Archipelago: The UAE’s Occupation and Destruction of a World Heritage Site
You’re Not So Different From an Octopus: Rethinking Our Relationship to Animals
‘Economic Policy’ Is a Propaganda Facade to Extract Wealth From the People
‘POOR Magazine’ Started With a Mother and Daughter Experiencing Homelessness and Grew Into a Movement
‘Public Trust’—A Key Legal Tool for People to Protect the Planet
‘Sacrifice Zones’: The New ‘Jim Crow’ That’s Sickening and Killing People of Color
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In Defense of Animals
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Local Peace Economy Project
Our Schools
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Plant Based Data
Plant Based Treaty
Post Carbon Institute
Rainforest Action Network
Stone Pier Press
United Poultry Concerns
Voting Booth Project
YES! Media
Guide to Alternatives to Industrial Agriculture
Guide to Conscious Consumption
Guide to Environmental Health
Guide to Human Bridges
Guide to Local Peace Economy
Guide to Renewable Energy
Guide to the Hidden History of Debt
Guide to the Plastic Crisis
Guide to the Regenerative, Moneyless Economy
Afghan War
Animal Rights
Arts and Recreation
Banking and Finance
Charter Schools
Human Bridges
Local Peace Economy
Mental Health
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